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We offer a full range of services including

Tree Surgery

Tree Removal

Stump Grinding

Hedge Trimming

Tree Planting

Site Clearance

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Consultancy Services

Crown Reduction: To reduce the overall crown of usually older trees, while keeping the trees natural shape. This technique is used to help the strength and stability of the tree and to increase your trees life.

Crown Thinning: This technique can be used on a stand alone basis or combined with a crown reduction. This opens the canopy by removing dead, weak or diseased branches. This helps prevent the tree acting as a ‘sail’ in high winds. Allowing the branches to move freely and reduce the branches rubbing to promote the well being of the tree.

Crown Lifting: To remove the lower branches that are causing obstruction to property, vehicles and pedestrians.

Pollarding: Only to be used on as a last resort and certain trees such as Limes or London Planes. This technique involves removing all the branches back to the trunk.